Best Phone Under 15000: The Five Best Mobile Phones You Can Buy for Under Rs. 15,000 ( january 2020 Edition) New Year Best Offer 2020

Unable to find a good phone under Rs. 15,000? Don’t fret. Thanks to multiple new launches and price cuts, it may seem daunting to choose a smartphone in the increasingly crowded sub-Rs. 15,000 price segment. But we are here to help. We have compiled our top picks for the best phones under Rs. 15,000 and these includes some recent launches from Realme, Vivo, and Xiaomi as well as some older phones from Honor, HMD Global, and Oppo.
As always, every phone that we are recommending below has gone through Gadgets 360’s extensive suite of tests. For the best mobiles under Rs. 15,000, we are only choosing from the phones priced between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,0000. For phones priced under Rs. 10,000, read our updated guides on best phones under Rs. 10,000, best phones under Rs. 8,000, and best phones under Rs. 7,000.

              Best phones under 15,000

Phones under Rs. 15,000 Gadgets 360 rating (out of 10) Price in India (as recommended)
Realme 3 Pro 9 Rs. 13,999
Redmi Note 8 Pro 8 Rs. 14,999
Nokia 7.1 8 Rs. 13,990
Realme 5 8 Rs. 12,999
Xiaomi Mi A3 8 Rs. 12,999

                                                             1 Realme 3 Pro

  1. Realme has released some really good smartphones this year and Realme 3 Pro is no different. This mid-range smartphone from Realme not only offers great battery life but also good performance. In our review, we found the phone to be capable of providing solid performance. It is able to run heavy games with any hiccups and also handles multi-tasking very well.

  2. The Realme 3 Pro captures good detail in daylight landscape shots, however the photos seem to lack some sharpness. Thankfully, you will only notice this lack of sharpness when you zoom-in all the way. Taking low-light photos is a big tricky with the phone as it tends of reduce the shutter speed considerably.

  3. The Realme 3 Pro ran for 14 hours and 13 minutes in our HD video loop test, which is quite decent. Some people, however, will miss the lack of USB Type-C port on the smartphone.

  4. Realme offers three storage variant of the Realme 3 Pro in the country – 4GB + 64GB, 6GB + 64GB, and 6GB + 128GB. Only the 4GB RAM variant is priced under Rs. 15,000, however if you are able to score a 6GB RAM variant in your budget, we will recommend going for that.

  5. Realme 3 Pro
  1. 2 Redmi Note 8 Pro

  2. Xiaomi’s successor to the Redmi 7 Pro, the Redmi Note 8 Pro (Review) is a great option for anyone looking to buy a phone under Rs. 15,000. The phone offers a good performance without any lag or shutter, and it also provides decent battery backup. The 4,500mAh battery on the phone lasted about 14 hours in our HD video loop test.

  3. Imaging capabilities is another area where Redmi Note 8 Pro shines. The photos taken with the Redmi Note 8 Pro in the daylight come out sharp and have good detail. Even in low-light situations the phone was able to capture decent amount of details. Redmi Note 8’s display offers vivid output and is bright enough for outdoors.

  4. Xiaomi offers three variants of the Redmi Note 8 Pro in the country – 6GB + 64GB, 6GB + 128GB, and 8GB + 128GB – however, only the 6GB + 64GB variant is available in this price segment, and that makes it one of the best phones under Rs. 15,000.

  5. Redmi Note 8 Pro

  1. 3 Nokia 7.1

  2. HMD Global’s Nokia 7.1 (Review) is a relatively old smartphone but it is still a good option for anyone looking for the phone under Rs. 15,000, especially given it was launched at Rs. 19,999 and has since received multi price cuts. Nokia 7.1 features a great display with vivid colours and good viewing angles.

  3. The phone’s slightly dated Snapdragon 636 SoC doesn’t impact its real-life performance and the Nokia 7.1 offers a smooth and consistent performance. The dual rear camera setup takes crisp and detailed shots with vivid colours. The low-light images taken with Nokia 7.1 also come out decent with good amount of detail and minimum noise.

  4. Nokia 7.1 ran for 9 hours and 30 minutes in our HD video loop test, which is quite average but expected given the smaller 3060mAh battery include in the phone.

  5. HMD Global offers a single 4GB RAM variant of the phone in the country.

  6. Nokia 7.1

  1. A more powerful version of the Realme 5, the Realme 5 Pro is another Realme phone that finds a spot in this list of best mobile phones under Rs. 15,000. The Realme 5 Pro sports a premium design and feels good in hand. The phone’s general performance didn’t disappoint us in our review and the phone zips through day-to-day tasks without any issues.

  2. The phone’s battery didn’t impress us as much as Realme 5 but it still offers decent backup. Realme 5 Pro lasted 12 hours and 41 minutes in our HD video loop test. On the camera front, Realme 5 Pro includes a 48-megapixel primary shooter that takes sharp photos with good colour balance in daylight. Wide-angle shooter is average and only useful for situations where you really need it.

  3. Realme sells three variants of the Realme 5 Pro in the country – 4GB + 64GB, 6GB + 64GB, and 8GB + 128GB – however, only the 4GB RAM variant is available in the price segment.

  1. Xiaomi Mi A3

  2. The Redmi Note 7 Pro isn’t the only Xiaomi smartphone that you can considering while buying a new under Rs. 15,000 phone. The Mi A3 is a good option, especially if you aren’t a big fan of MIUI, as it is based on Google’s Android One platform and runs on stock Android.

  3. Xiaomi Mi A3 comes with a premium design and good build quality, however the HD+ resolution won’t be appreciated by everyone, even with an AMOLED display panel. The Mi A3 doesn’t disappoint on the performance front as we didn’t face any lag or shutters.

  4. Like its predecessor, Mi A3 also offer good battery life and the phone ran for 16 hours and 21 minutes in our HD video loop test. Camera is another area where Mi A3 shines but it struggles on the HDR front. The photos taken in daylight have good detail and the phone is able to lock focus quite quickly. Low light images also come out good but you will need to to be patient.

  5. Xiaomi offers two storage variants of the Mi A3 in the country – 4GB + 64GB and 6GB + 128GB – however only the 4GB RAM variant is available in this price segment.

  6. Xiaomi Mi A3

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